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Insurance Made Simple

Insurance Made Simple

Public Liability

Ever slipped or tripped before, or had a customer fall over in your premises? Easily done, isn`t it? Yet, this is all it could take to receive a claim for tens of thousands of pounds and this is exactly the sort of thing Public Liability insurance covers.

Professional Indemnity

In a nut shell this insurance is for when someone claims you have done something you shouldn`t have done or not done something you should have!Ever made a mistake, had a bad day when things didn`t go to plan? Remember, you don`t have to do anything wrong to receive a claim, someone just has to think that you have. Can you afford to pay for the claim and the piles of legal costs that come with it?

Products Liability

Ever sold a product, or used a product on or with a client?What about downloadable material on your website? Failure, malfunction or inadequacy of your products may cause damage to your clients and could become ground for product liability claim. Make sure that what you use and sell has the same quality cover that you do.

Medical Malpractice

A lot of the services that we offer may have a medical element without you even realising it. For instance, people could develop anxiety or depression which they claim to be as a result of your work, you could cause someone to become infected through cross contamination, accidentally cause a bodily injury or physical reaction to a product used.

Breach of Confidentiality

Ever had a slip of the tongue? Ever said something that moments later you wish you hadn`t or wondered where you originally found out that little secret you just let slip. It happens to us all, so make sure youaren`t caught out without being covered.

Cyber Liability

Nowadays, we spend so much time on our computers, that have all made mistakes on them. Have you ever hit reply instead of forward, have you ever opened a spam email and gotten a virus on your system or even spread it to others? Cyberattacks are the 3rd most common risk facing businesses and the number of them is rapidly growing. Thus it's essential to be properly protected.

Personal accident

We've all had accidents or hurt ourselves,we never know what might happen around that corner. If you were to seriously injure yourself and were unable to work for the year, how would you fare financially?It's always nice to have a plan B to indemnify you in such unfortunate situations.

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