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Cyber Liability


Cyber Liability

As the world of computers and software is rapidly growing, so is the risk of becoming the object of malicious behaviour online. In every corner of the web there is a potential threat, just a few clicks away from you. Maybe you opened an infected email, maybe you visited a potentially harmful website or maybe your email address just hit the next big hacker's list. Whatever it is, you need to be properly protected against these ever-changing threats. You'd say that you paid a lot for your OS and antivirus software but, unfortunately for all of us, high-end software products are not enough any longer. Hackers are becoming more and more skillful and even more creative in the ways to take advantage of you. This presented the need for something else, something more, which could help you protect yourself and your business against the virtual, yet substantial risks, which this industrial revolution holds. An insurance product, which can cover you and your business, if you experience data breach or is the object of a malicious hacker attack, which affects your systems. We at Westminster Insurance always strive to secure our clients with top-notch service adequate to the market conditions and related to your needs. This is why we created an optional add-on for your main policy, which we call Cyber Liability. It provides peace of mind in many different scenarios which could occur – hacker damage, breach, cyber extortion, cyber business interruption, crisis containment. If you're still in doubt whether you need this, or not, please give us a call and our helpful staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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