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Personal Accident

Personal Accident

  • For owners, partners, managers and employees
  • Three cover level options - up to €100,000 (or in Euro)
  • Covers you in the event of an accident causing death or disablement which prevents you from working in your field permanently or for a prolonged period
  • Aimed at helping you cover the costs of retraining and/or seeking alternative work and the loss of income during this period
  • Can be added to existing policies
  • Other optional extras include, cyber and data protection, employer’s liability, portable business equipment, office contents
  • Can only be purchased with our 'Combined Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice' cover

What is Personal Accident insurance?

This extra protection provides cover should you suffer a serious accidental bodily injury which leaves you unable to perform your job for a long time or leads to your death.

These bodily injuries are loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of limb (or total use of) or loss of speech which lasts continuously for 12 (twelve) calendar months.

Do I need it?

Accidents happen… we never ever expect them to happen to us but unfortunately the statistics of severe car accidents on our roads every day tell us that the danger is real. We cannot know what might happen and we cannot prevent it, but we can at least be prepared.

If your work provides yourself and your family with an income then you need to consider what you would do if you were no longer able to work in the field in which you are currently trained, experienced and successful. You may need to spend time re-training, perhaps have to seek employment at a lower income level or may not be able to work at all.

In this difficult situation, this insurance will ease the financial pain and stress, easing the way forward for you and/or your family.

What is covered:

  • - Cover for death or disablement occurring within 12 months of an accidental bodily injury, which is the sole cause of the death or disablement
  • - Post-mortem examination in the event of death
  • - Required medical examination in the event of disablement

What is NOT covered:

  • - Interest on any benefits payable under this policy
  • - Accidental bodily injury sustained by any insured person under 16 or over 65 years of age
  • - Suicide, attempted suicide or deliberate self-inflicted injury
  • - Alcoholism or other alcohol related illnesses, drug addiction, solvent abuse
  • - Illness or natural causes
  • - Armed forces activities
  • - Accidental bodily injury resulting from dangerous activities

Jargon Busting

Abbreviated information for guidance only – subject always to the full Policy Wording.

Accidental bodily injury: Means an identifiable physical injury which is caused by a sudden, unexpected, specific event occurring at an identifiable time and place.

Disablement: Means loss of sight, loss of hearing, loss of limb or loss of speech which

  • a. Prevents you from performing the duties of any occupation for which you are qualified by reason of your education, training or experience; and
  • b. Lasts continuously for twelve (12) calendar months; and
  • c. At the end of twelve (12) calendar months is without prospect of improvement.

Insured person: Means the person(s) named on this section of the Schedule, who must be you (if named insured) and/or directors, partners, managers, officers or employees of the business insured.

Loss of hearing: Means total loss of hearing in one or both ears

Loss of limb: Means loss by physical separation of an arm or hand at or above the wrist, or of a foot or leg at or above the ankle, or total loss of use of a complete arm, hand, foot or leg.

Loss of sight: Means total loss of sight in one or both eyes.

Loss of speech: means total loss of speech.

How much will it cost?

The cost for Personal Accident cover is as little as €35 per year or €2.92 per month plus tax, which is a minimal amount for the compensation offered.

You are also able to choose the cover level to suit your needs

€25,000      €35 + tax

€50,000      €69 + tax

€100,000      €138 + tax

What's the process?

For a new policy

Getting a quote, or multiple quotes, and buying insurance from Westminster couldn’t be quicker or easier. You can have your policy up and running in minutes. All online, you can do it whenever suits you best and be in control of the whole process, but if you have any questions, we are very happy to hear from you.

Remember, this cover is only available as an additional option on our Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice policies.

  • 1. Click on the 'Get a Quote' button.
  • 2. Choose to include the Personal Accident option.
  • 3. See the quote straight away on screen, and you can either save it for later or continue on to purchase.
  • 4. Once the payment is processed, the policy documents are immediately emailed to you.

To add to an existing policy

  • 1. Phone us on 01305 839939, or email 'mail@westminster.global' , and simply give us your Policy Number and ask us to add this cover.
  • 2. We will send you an email which asks for your confirmation of the change and payment.
  • 3. Once the payments is processed, your updated policy documents will be re-issued to you.
  • 4. All nice and easy!

Frequently asked questions

General and Quotes

Again, two options here:

1.      If you are obtaining a new insurance policy with Personal Accident add-on, you will be able to choose payment by monthly instalments.

2.      If you want to add this cover mid-term, you will be required to pay the whole amount of the add-on product.

Policy and Coverage

Yes, you can.

The pricing and cover limits that we offer are per person and you can have multiple people protected, provided that they are people who are covered by your main Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice policy.




No, unfortunately you can't.

This cover is only available for those people who are included on your Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice policy

Personal Accident protection does not cover disease and illness. 

It must be a specific accident that occurred on a particular date during the term of cover.

It cannot be an accident that pre-dates the policy period.

Personal Accident cover is available to eligible individuals aged between 16 and 65 at the start of the policy period of cover.

Yes this policy will cover any eligible accident that is serious enough to stop you working in your field of business for a year.


Changes, Cancellation and Renewal

Yes, you can add this additional protection to your existing policy at any time during the period of cover.  We refer to this as a 'mid-term' adjustment.

Simply contact us by phone or email and we will arrange this with you.  

Once you have added an additional area of cover to your policy, it cannot be cancelled during the term of the policy.  However, when your policy becomes due for renewal you can remove it from the coverage that you require for the following year's policy.


General and Quotes

The answer to this question will depend on whether you:

1. want to get a quote for Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice policy including Personal Accident cover, or

2. already have an existing policy with us and would like to add Personal Accident cover


Answer 1

We are a fully automated process and provide all the information needed for you to make an informed decision online. 

A quotation is available 24/7 online. Click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button. That will take you through the questions necessary to provide a quotation. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and once produced you have the option to save it for later or proceed direct to purchase. 

If you choose to proceed to purchase, we will collect your contact details and then request payment. Payment is by Credit or Debit Card and once authorised your policy is issued immediately. Your documents will be emailed to you for you to print and/or save.


Answer 2

If you would like to see the cost of adding this to your existing policy, you can find the details on the Cost tab.  If you wish to go ahead, simply contact us by email or phone for us to arrange this with you.


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