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Portable Equipment Wording

Portable Business Equipment Wording

You are covered under this Section only if you have paid an additional premium and 'Portable Business Equipment' is shown in your schedule.


The following definitions apply to this Section only and are in addition to the General Definitions.
Computers Computers and ancillary equipment but excluding data or information entered by you or on your behalf.
Damage/damaged Accidental loss, theft, destruction or damage.
Electronic data Facts, concepts and information converted to a form useable for communications, display, distribution, interpretation or processing by electronic and electromechanical data processing or electronically controlled equipment and includes programs, software and other coded instructions for such equipment.
In transit
  1. a. In transit by road, rail, water, air or by person;
  2. b. being loaded or unloaded in the course of transit by road, rail, water, air or by person; or
  3. c. temporarily housed away from the office.
Office Any location within the territorial limits occupied by you for the purpose of your business.
Portable business equipment Portable business equipment used in connection with your business which belongs to you or for which you are legally responsible, including:
  • - computers including laptops and tablets
  • - mobile phones;
  • - television and video equipment;
  • - event and exhibition equipment;
  • - tools, plant and machinery;
  • - accessories associated with any of the above;
  • - goods held in trust.


We agree to cover you for damage to your portable business equipment occurring within the territorial limits during the period of insurance at:

  • a. your office; or
  • b. in transit

We will, at our option, either

  • a. pay you the value of the portable business equipment at the time of the damage, or
  • b. restore, repair, or replace the portable business equipment or any part of the portable business equipment that was damaged.

The most we will pay in the period of insurance shown in your schedule will not exceed the sum insured shown in the schedule, and in the aggregate, for this section.

Reinstatement basis of settlements

In the event of damage to portable business equipment, we will calculate the amount we will pay you on a reinstatement basis.

Applying average

If, at the start of the damage, the sum insured shown in the schedule for the portable business equipment is less than the value of the portable business equipment then the amount that we will pay you will be reduced in the same proportion.

This clause will not apply if the amount we pay you is calculated on a reinstatement basis


The following exclusions apply to this section and are in addition to Section '5: What is not covered'.

We shall not be liable to indemnify you for:

a. the excess;

b. mechanical breakdown and damage to property being cleaned, repaired or maintained;

c. latent defects, inherent vice, spoilage, gradual deterioration or wear and tear;

d. electrical disturbances to electrical devices of any kind (including wiring) due to electrical currents artificially generated, unless fire or explosion resulting in damage by such fire explosion shall not be excluded;

e. corrosion, rust, dryness or dampness of atmosphere, light exposure or extremes of temperature, unless as a result of fire or flood;

f. rodents, insects or vermin;

g. dishonesty, including theft and fraud, any mysterious disappearance or any loss or shortage disclosed on taking inventory on your part, or any party who has an interest in this policy and/or your employees or agents;

h. theft from an unattended vehicle unless the portable business equipment is completely hidden within the boot, storage compartment or trailer of the vehicle and all security measures were in operation;

i. theft of unattended portable business equipment unless stored in a securely locked room or building;

j. indirect, consequential, remote loss or damage;

k. loss of use, delay or loss of business;

l. faulty or improper material, workmanship, design, or defect;

m. insolvency or any financial impairment of any person or organisation to whom the portable business equipment may be entrusted;

n. electronic data.


The following conditions apply to this section and are in addition to 'Section 7: General Conditions'.

1. Abandonment
There can be no abandonment of any property to us.

2. Security and Protection
You must take all reasonable steps to protect your portable equipment ensuring that the security measures whilst in the transport vehicle and all fire alarms, security systems and physical protections of any temporary storage location are in full operation.

3. In the event of damage to your portable business equipment, you must:

a. notify the police if a law may have been broken;

b. notify any third-party carrier of the insured property of any damage you discover within the time limits for notification of damage stipulated in your contract of carriage with them;

c. give us prompt notice of the damage, including a description of how, when and where the damage occurred, and a description of the portable business equipment involved;

d. take all reasonable steps to protect your portable business equipment from further damage and keep a record of your expenses necessary to protect such portable business equipment for consideration in the settlement of the claim. This will not increase the limit of indemnity;

e. at our request, give us complete inventories of the damaged and undamaged portable business equipment to include quantities, costs, values and amount of loss claimed;

f. as often as may be reasonably required, permit us to inspect the portable business equipment to prove the damage and examine your books and records;

g. send us a signed, sworn proof of loss containing the information we request to investigate the claim within 60 days;

h. cooperate with us in the investigation or settlement of the claim;

i. provide access to any person(s) relevant to the investigation of the claim including, if we deem it necessary, you, your family, representatives, agents, employees or other persons having care, custody or control of the portable business equipment submitting to examinations under oath.

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